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Cost-Effective Lady Beautician Home Services in Kolkata
By Didresha's Glamour Touch

In this world full of eCommerce shopping & doorstep deliveries – why should beauty services be any different? Didreshas Glamour Touch is proud to bring you the most time & cost-efficient lady beautician home service in Kolkata. That’s right – you can now have all of your salon services home-delivered whenever you want. Let the cosmetic sessions begin in style!

Booking a Private Beautician in Kolkata: What to Expect?

For countless people, salon & beauty services are essential services. Many of us finally realized this during the COVID19 pandemic. Months of no haircuts, beauty sessions, or makeup sessions left many of us feeling frustrated & helpless. During this time, our experts at Didreshas Glamour Touch decided that our customers deserve the best possible care & services – even if they can’t physically travel. That’s why we decided to provide salon services at home in Kolkata.

Getting these services means inviting some of our most experienced private beauticians to your home. No more traveling around in hot & dusty weather to get timely salon services! No more additional traveling costs or parking costs either. Our certified makeup artists, hair stylists, & cosmetics experts will travel to your home to serve you!

Why Hire a Lady Beautician at Home?

Self-care is vital. That’s why establishing a reliable & convenient home service beauty parlour near me is Didreshas’ main objective. Many of our clients fail to find the time to physically visit salons or spas these days. Our parlour services at home in Kolkata are designed to serve their interests. Here’s how these services by our trained beauty professionals help our clients –

Maximum Comfort:

Our private beauticians are highly rated professionals. They’re famous for their customer-friendliness. They’ll provide customized cosmetic services that will be designed to maximize your comfort. Listen to music or watch your favourite TV show while our beauty professionals do their magic!

Extra Focus on Hygiene:

At Didreshas Glamour Touch, we’re proud to be famous for our high hygienic standards. Our salons are super-clean. We maintain similarly high standards of hygiene whenever we visit our clients’ homes.


Our beauticians always wear protective kits while delivering cosmetic services. They always bring single-use products – be it blades, towels, or tissues. All items inside our cosmetic kits are sealed and meant for one-time use. We also thoroughly sanitise our clients’ homes before kick starting our makeup sessions. These safety steps make our home service salon near me even more appealing to clients!


Frustrated with how much time you have to spend waiting for your beautician to start your session? By getting Didreshas’ lady beautician home service Kolkata you’ll be addressing all of these issues at once. Our beauticians will work as per your time constraints. They’ll never be late so you’ll never have to wait to receive the salon services you deserve.

Same Level of Service:

Whether you receive your at-home salon service alone, or in the presence of your friends & family – you’ll always receive the same quality of service from us.

Why Choose Didreshas Glamour Touch?

Didreshas Glamour Touch is the leading beauty salon service provider for women at home in Kolkata. We employ some of the finest licensed beauticians in India. From creating flawless bases to airbrush makeup to bridal makeup – they know it all. Now, they want to bring their expertise to your doorstep. You should choose our beauticians because –

What Home Beautician Services Do We Provide with Charges?

With Didreshas’ at-home salon services you can get haircutting, hair colouring, bridal makeup, & a host of other cosmetic services delivered straight to your home. Book our lady beautician home service Kolkata now to get a special discount!

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FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions

We use a variety of premium-grade cosmetics products. Depending on the nature of your at-home cosmetics session, our beauty professionals will bring the appropriate beauty products.

Give us a call at 82404 94801

Our beauticians can travel to any region in Kolkata (prices may increase as per the distance travelled by our beauty experts).

Depends on the nature of the session you book. We’ll confirm this detail while booking your appointment.

Yes. We use our own kit.

Call us to know more.

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